Fantasy On Scene

Fantasy on Scene is a series of events I expose in public, where I develop the techniques of drawing , illustration and an audiovisual show wich is educational and entertaining at the same time. With only an easel, a page in blank  and a charc I  work on a specific composition . And creativity, education and the pace of the actiontogether with the interaction with the public (with your questions and concerns), make a show of encouragement for all ages.

The goal is to bring Fantasy On Scene fundamentally overturning the interest of artistic creativity and freedom to express ourselves through a pencil, from any age and condition.
Music plays an important role by adding the flight and hearing under alternating with the pleasure of sound to draw, while you gradually appreciating the birth and development of the images that emerge.

Another important change in the proposal is the idea of the concept of traditional illustration in full information age, where there is a trend to abandon the universal forms of art of all time, by confusion prompted by the media subjugation. (No discredit the technology, however, is aware that they are very useful both channels, but keeping activeforce and the free use of pencil and paper since childhood and not primarily a keyboard and screen).

Fantasy On Scene is offered at fairs, conferences, presentations, conventions, universities, schools, kindergartens, etc.. and is adaptable to all public and private areas. And for all age groups!


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