I was born on November 19th in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a deep need to express myself thru art.

I studied design and promotional advertising in ENET No. 6 Fernando Fader, in Buenos Aires. After that I went on to become a professional illustration and painting, being different ways of exploration and self-expression.

Also I give drawing, illustration and art techniques lessons, forming students in my workshop in Buenos Aires, continuosly since late 90´s.

I made extensive work illustrating a big number of books (including Anne Rice´s "Lasher"), magazines, comicbooks, stories, and more. I worked for different media and publishing, for different clients in my country and abroad, such as Planet, Atlántida, Billiken, Continente, Emecé, Alfaguara, Aguilar, Kier, Conozca Más magazine, Casares Grey Agency, Metropolitan Theater, etc. Also for Stone Arch (USA), Renaissance House Publishers (USA), McGraw-Hill (Mexico), Ford Street Publishing (Australia), Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra (USA), Ravensburger (Germany), Piñata Books (USA), Templar Publishing (England), QED Publishing (UK), PS Publishing (UK), Miles Kelly Publishing (UK), among others.

A selection of best works for abroad 

Throughout 2002, I developed a large business in the US, being the guest of honour at Leprecon 28 (Convention of Science Fantasy Art in Phoenix, Arizona) where I presented my Gallery of Horrors, and participated in several events, getting mentions and awards.

I was also a member of the Art Association in Henderson Nevada, exposing my azz Art Gallery, among other works.

The most notable works are my books of magical beings, focusing thus, in the Fantasy Art genre as my peak of expression, counting a large audience of followers in Latin America and Spain, focusing especially "The Magical World Fairy "(Ediciones Continente), which is considered in Mexico  cultural heritage of the main national libraries.

A selection of Fantasy books

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Some of my latest picture books of the genre have been "Fairies" and "Giants" (QEB Publishing, UK), belonging to a collection of magical stories, myths and legends.
Also I point proudly my collaboration on Ari Berk's "Hobgoblins" (Templar, UK), where I have the pleasure of working large with the legendary Tolkien illustrator Alan Lee, among other renowned artists of high experience in the subject.

Fantasy on stage is the art event I expose in public, where I develop the techniques of drawing and illustration on a multimedia audiovisual show, wich is educational and entertaining at the same time, where I show a work born from the page in blank, where creativity, education and the pace of the action together (also the interaction with the public), make a show of encouragement for all ages and provides essentially overturning the interest of artistic creativity and freedom to express ourselves through a pencil, from any age and condition.

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